Mains Infrastructure & Power Distribution

Mains Infrastructure & Power Distribution

At R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd. we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the design, installation, test and commissioning of mains, sub-mains distribution and final circuits on major electrical refurbishment and infrastructure projects primarily within healthcare, educational, commercial, public service and industrial sectors.

Cable containment, management, sub-distribution cabling and busbar systems for deploying the electrical infrastructure are designed for an installation sympathetic to the building type, structure and in co-ordination with other building services installations.

Main electrical distribution MCCB panel board and switch panels have been installed, replaced in situ, reconfigured or upgraded in various situations, sometimes in buildings occupied with healthcare patients, where minimal disruption to electrical services is essential. Where required, these panels can be incorporated with generator and auto-failure changeover systems, transient surge protection, metering and service monitoring units.

We can also provide new installations and upgrades to earthing, bonding and lightning protection systems.

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