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George Eliot Hospital, Maternity Block Riser Upgrades, Nuneaton

Completed On : 23/4/2021 | Sector : Health Services

Provision of new 250A rising busbar to existing converted lift shaft. New distribution boards, lighting, power, fire alarm & mechanical services installed on each level.

The Maternity Hospital is located adjacent to the main George Eliot Hospital, with the Maternity Building being a concrete structured building consisting of 6 levels these being Lower Ground (basement), Ground, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Flat Roof with Plant Rooms and has various departments within it. Namely; Baby Delivery Suite, Operating Theatres, Special Care Baby Unit, Maternity Wards, Administration Areas, Day Case and Plant Areas.

This Principle Contract, consisted of builder’s work, the formation of a new mechanical and electrical service riser within the existing redundant lift shaft which has intermediate floors installed, and the installation of main infrastructure backbone to enable future M & E facilities to be serviced off the riser.

To facilitate future upgrades and refurbishments, new low temperature hot water variable temperature pumps, hot water secondary pump, associated controls have been installed to operate in parallel with existing pumps. Additional new electrical sub mains distribution and rising busbar system has also been installed which will enable individual floor M&E services remain connected to existing infrastructure providing parallel operation of both old and new risers.

The scope of works for the Principle Contract encompassing, BWIC, electrical, mechanical installation and associated services comprising the supply, installation, testing, commissioning and certification of the following: -

  • Act as Principle Contractor.
  • Manage and programme all works and all associated contractors.
  • Manage the day to day CDM and Health and Safety of all trades.
  • Preparation of full working, construction and builders work drawings.
  • Co-ordination of all trades and associated works.
  • The safe removal and disposal of all redundant plant and services, removal and modification of existing M & E services and building works items.
  • New Sub Mains Distribution, Earthing & Bonding.
  • New 250amp Rising Bus Bar system.
  • Lighting and External Lighting with automatic control systems for occupancy detection and Emergency lighting with LED emergency fittings able to communicate status via a wireless mesh network to a remote Gateway, which controls all emergency testing and reporting automatically.
  • Fire Detection, alarm connected and adapted to existing systems.
  • Utility & Mechanical Power supplies.
  • Cable containment and support systems infrastructure.
  • Mechanical attendance.
  • New LTHW pipework from plant room to and in riser, connections, pumps and new control panel linked to existing BMS.
  • New mains cold water pipework to roof level and changeover the tank connection from existing service.
  • Installation of domestic hot water cold feed between basement corridor and roof and change over from existing to new riser pipework.
  • New domestic hot water flow and return pipework and domestic hot water secondary pump and controls.
  • Provision of certified fire stopping for all trades.
  • Liaison with all other relevant parties to ensure the safe completion of the works.
  • Testing and Commissioning of all trades/works.
  • Documentation and certification, ‘As Fitted’ drawings and Operating and Maintenance Manuals.

While these alterations took place, the hospital remained fully operational and this was facilitated by carefully planning and coordination of all services interruptions.

R.D. Jukes & Co. Ltd. worked collaboratively as Principle Contractor, with the designer, Client, Clients representatives and our supply chain to successfully deliver this project within the required timescale.


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